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OKC Moore Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Top OKC Moore Medical Cannabis Dispensary. Mary Jane dedicates itself to Patient Education and to Advocacy. We have grown to serve over 1500 Patients. Located In the Heart Of Oklahoma on the outskirts of Moore, OK. This is Because of our unique approach as we effectively help Guide patients find the Right Medicine. We achieve this by educating on the Use Of the Entire Cannabis Plant & All beneficial compounds. By doing we effectively help patients that are suffering. We Use the Science of terpenes coupled with cannabinoids. We know education is most Important. As A result, the patient can use that knowledge to find the right medicine for specific ailments.

Mary Jane’s OKC Moore Medical Cannabis Dispensary in addition to being PATIENT DRIVEN FAMILY OWNED . We Also Offer 25% Off for First Time Patients as well as 25% Off to Honor of Our Military Vets. Mary Jane Media Provides Industry News & Patient Education as well as A Live Podcast for Patients!

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