OMMA Approved Doctors List

What are the requirements to recommend a patient obtain a medical marijuana license?

  • A physician must hold a valid, unrestricted and existing license to practice in the State of Oklahoma.
  • The physician must establish a medical record for the patient 
  • The physician must recommend a medical marijuana license according to the accepted standards a reasonable and prudent physician would follow for recommending or approving any medication.
  • If applicable, the physician may certify that the patient is homebound or does not have the capability to self-administer or purchase medical marijuana due to a developmental disability or a physical or cognitive impairment; and the physician believes the patient would benefit from having a caregiver with a caregiver’s license designated to manage the patient’s medical marijuana on the patient’s behalf.
  • The physician must verify the patient’s identity as provided in the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Rules (310:681-1-7).

Current OMMA Approved Doctors List

This is a List of all the current OMMA Registered and Approved Doctors. Keep in mind that Doctors do not have to register with the OMMA in order to Recommend Medical Marijuana. They only have to be licensed by a Recognized Board.

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